Kalamalka Lake

Kalamalka Lake
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Kal Lake - September 2009

An unusual  fall image of Kal Lake, looking north towards Rattlesnake (Turtle) Point. Unusual in that there are few vestiges of civilization in this image, with the exception of some wires in the foreground. The railroad tracks following the eastern shore are also visible, if you look closely. Beautiful waters, no boats on the lake, too!

1 comment:

  1. A fall image—am I expected to fall for this counterfeit concoction? Quite obviously, someone has tweaked the Ektachrome process and subsequent colour separation to a point where “postcard pretty” process cyan rears its ugly, fakey-blue head.

    No signs of civilization? Then pray tell, who painted those trees soo green?

    To the uninitiated, this image may indeed appear like the real thing: a pristine lake somewhere, nestled in a picturesque landscape and framed by pretty-as-you please conifers. Insiders will quickly unravel the betrayal: It is a well-known fact that the surface of Kal Lake doesn’t look like this because the odiferous clouds of coarse-grain, clumpy sewage from the dwellings lining the lake shore are conspicuously absent.

    If it is not Kal Lake, then it MUST be Okanagan Lake, and the surface of that lake, as every child in the area knows, is never undisturbed because of the sometimes violent lakesnake activity, for which Okanagan Lake is so famous, and which has attracted researchers and scientists from as far away as Duluth, Minnesota and Okinawa, Japan. Anyone who has had the privilege to witness in awe the majestic splendour of an Ogopogo herd at play knows of what I speak.

    And what about the documented fatalities? The many crushed aluminium boats of hapless fishermen looking for a quick catch for a pan-fried dinner by the lakeside? The uncounted, dredged-up outboard motors with their drive shafts sheared off by what looks like humongous shark bites? The hundreds of abandoned cars by the lake shore, whose owners were never found? The increasing—pardon the pun—body of forensic DNA evidence provided by as yet uncatalogued human skeletal remains found in the lake, along with Ogopogo teeth marks indelibly etched into these submerged bones?

    Naaah. Not Kal Lake, and not “unusual”. Far from it.

    It’s a fall image nobody in his right mind will fall for.